Holders of certificates issued by Cert.Health receive a QR code that contains a link to the certificate. This QR code is generally stored in their mobile device, but can be also printed out on paper. displays a verification screen that informs the Verifer whether the Holder’s certificate is valid. The verification screen also contains important information about the subject of the certificate. The Verification process also has an API so that you can integrate this workflow into your ticketing system.

Verifiers (your org) scan the code presented by the Holder to verify the certificate. Certificates can only be accessed by authorized and authenticated users of your organization.

Frequently Asked Question

How do we become a verifier with Cert.Health?
You can apply to become a verifier through the Cert.Health website. Cert.Health must approve each application.
What is the cost?
The cost is based on volume, and can be negotiated by contacting
How long does it take to verify the validity of the certificate?
Verification takes less than a second.
What happens if a certificate is invalid?
That is a business decision that each verifier will have to determine for themselves. Cert.Health just provides the data and the assurance that the data provided is valid, authentic, and up to date.
Is there software that we need to install or integrate?
There is no software to install. Once approved as a Verifier, you will integrate the verification API into your application.
How do our customers provide us their certificate?
Customers will show you their certificate through our proprietary app. The certificate is stored in the cloud and will be presented to the verifier as a QR code. You will then scan the QR code and our system will verify that it is valid, authentic, and up to date.
What data points do you provide on the certificate?
The certificate will show the person’s name, DOB, the date they received the vaccine, the name of the healthcare provider that administered it, the type of vaccine, and the vaccine manufacturer.

For test results, the certificate will show the person’s name , date of birth, the name of the test, the result, and the laboratory or healthcare provider that performed the test.